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Jag var ute och fotograferade igår, och jag tog inte en enda bild…

Ärligt talat hade jag inte ens kameran med mig. Jag körde till Malmö för att min son skulle vara med och rulla på Nightskate. Eftersom jag inte deltar i det brukar jag ta med hunden och gå en sväng i … Continue reading

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Depression 3.1 Update

I knew this was going to happen, no big surprise. After a week of activity; the inevitable down period. I’ve been working on a home improvement project, getting really involved, working long hours. I have really enjoyed it, I just … Continue reading

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Depression Part 3: How are you?

It seems that I keep coming back to the difference between what people suffering from a depression (or similar condition) say, and how they really feel. The fake smile, the hurried ‘I’m fine’, the mask of normality.

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Depression Part 2: The Black Dog

The Black Dog has really been pressing down on me for the last week or so. I was planning on writing these parts about depression at fairly close intervals, but things don’t always work out they way you like. But … Continue reading

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Depression Part 1.1

Truth? Yes, I was nervous about posting the article last week about my depression. I had been working on the text for some time, and putting off publishing it time after time. But now I’m glad I did.

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Depression part 1: Why?

I found out that a person in my circle of friends and family said something like “Thomas? He can’t be in that bad shape. I see his updates on Facebook, and he seems to be alright”. First of all; since … Continue reading

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